Curriculum for Primary

Primary curriculum is designed to findout and unfold talents of the kids. Special attention is given to incorprate methodoligies to enhance reading writing and speaking skills of the kids. All the teaching methods are based on play way approach. The day for pre primary children starts with morning prayer. After that some interaction is done, when children are allowed to share their exeriences aboutschool or outside. After that rhymes with action session stats. Afterwards students undergo reading and writing sessions including drawing, phonics, numbers etc.

Curriculum for Middle School

The middle school curriculum takes the children ahead of the knowledge they gathered in primary classes. The teaching approach followed here is learning based on experiance,development of understanding and solve the curosity of children. Importance is given to create balance between academic lerning,practical understanding and overall personality development. The academics covers all subjectslike Social Science, Science, Mathematics,English and Hindi and Information Technology. Computereducation of languages starts in Grade 5.

Curriculum for Secondary

Secondary Education is based on approach to develop decision making, problem soving andanalytics capabilities in students. Deep and practical understanding of facts andevaluation based on conepts they have buit is done. As we are dealing with the rural children, apart of academics they are also being trained in some vocational courses like plantation, pottery etc. Our aim is to inhance the capability of students in all aspects so that they could deveop clear approach and vision.