Addmission Process

All the admission procedure will be carried out under the direct vigilance and monitoring of the principal. For his assistance, he may nominate a teacher as admission in charge, after consulting the concerned authority.

The principal will ascertain the probable vacant seats in each and every class and request the secretary to grant permission to start admission process.

There will not be any admission test for any class .if the number of application for the admission is more than the number of vacant seat then the candidate selection will be decided by the open platform lottery system.

Admission Forms are to be filled in and submitted to the school Admission Department within 3 days of procuring the form with all the required documents.

Documents required at the time of admission

  • 6 Passport size photographs of the child, and both the parents
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Vaccination card of the child
  • Residence proof
  • Aadhar card of the parents (Mother & Father)
  • Photo I.D. proof of the parents