Goverdhan vidyapeeth

Goverdhan Vidyapeeth is an endeavour towards enlighting lamp of knowledge in rural areas. Our mantra is to impart education in a way that help the students to connect their learnings to solutions for the challenges they face.


Events and Activities

Rangoli Competition

Plantation Drive

New Building Inaugration

Annual Day

Welcome to Goverdhan Vidyapeeth

Goverdhan Vidyapeeth has been established in 1979, with a motive to provide quality education in rural area. Since then we are continuously putting efforts to provide affordable and standard education to our rural children. We believe in the fact that every child in this world has equal right to education. We have a mission to provide equal learning opportunities to rural children irrespective of their social economic background. No child should be deprived of education because of any reason. Lack of good educational institutions should not hinder the growth of our equally talented children residing in rural areas. With this aim, Goverdhan Vidyapeeth is ceaselessly striving to provide quality education to our rural children .